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last night i savored an artist date with le beau and two friends in tow. starting with yummy treats at teaism, we then went to my fave theater, e street cinema, for a private screening of vegucated. i’ve been looking forward to it ever since i saw the scoop on twitter about the new york screening and i was not disappointed. the director is darling (i think we’d be fast friends), we were given a vegan ice cream treat (hello, key to my heart), and i saw her husband speak at the end factory farming conference last week (he’s a doll, too). 
in addition to making an amazing first film, she’s crafted ways to take action on her website. tranquil space will host a screening in the new year so stay tuned for details. 
in the interim, enjoy perusing her website and getting inspired about fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and whole grains. i sure am! um, ok . . . with a tofutti cutie sprinkled in regularly.
bisous. x