giving gone wild

love notes
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wow, 18 hours of yoga and my body is still intact. my journey to new york was lovely despite the fact that i got a fraction of what i’d hoped to accomplish done. napping wasn’t on my to-do list but i sure carved out time for it.

AND i didn’t check e-mail when i first got up this morning – waited 1.5 hours. THIS is progress, girls.

today in between meetings, i sent 10 handwritten thank you notes, gave away some fancy french soaps i picked up in ny, and spent time tying ribbons around sticks of fabulous incense to give at a meeting tonight. if i could just give gifts all day long, i think i’d be in pure bliss. does anyone else have an addiction to giving small tokens of appreciation?

i came across an article in body + soul that had a list of 50 ways to give right now by deblina chakraborty. i’ve pulled out some of my favorites to share with you. i hope it serves as a reminder of how much fun it is to give to others.

smile at a stranger.
stay calm during a stressful time.
throw a party for someone celebrating a milestone.
next time you’re ready to honk at another car, don’t.
give a compliment.
extend a warm welcome to a newcomer.
put yourself in another person’s shoes.
praise someone who’s done well.
reduce, reuse, recycle.
forgive yourself.
send a thank you card to someone who’s shown you kindness.
raise money for a cause you believe in.
rescue an animal from a shelter.
when you see trash, pick it up.
lead by example.
call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.
kick bad habits, like smoking, that can harm others.
give your full attention.
teach your children about giving.

doesn’t this make you want to get your giving on?