guess who’s back . . . back again

love notes
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yep, lyrics from slim shady. why do i have such a crush on that man?

back from the cabin and regrouping. most “cabin goals” were not accomplished. between getting the TranquiliT summer solstice newsletter out, eating, napping, sending a hip tranquil chick times note, beading six new necklaces, and organizing tons o’ paperwork, the week flew by.

i wanted to share some fabu products from a fellow hip tranquil chick, jenny. she has created lobotoME and sent me some samples of the pack me, help me (honey do list for beau), and weekly calenders. all with such a great creative scheme. in addition, she created the CUTEST postcard with some of the following statements on it: plant a tree, eat breakfast everyday, let it go, there is enough good in the world for everyone, energy flows where attention goes, floss, giggle, practice self-care, my life is an incredibly opportunity to laugh, love & play, be adventurous. soooooo cute. say “bonjour” and check her out.

if you have a hip and tranquil product you’d love to share with fellow hip tranquil chicks, please pass it along to me at the studio. thank you, jenny, for being so fabulous and creating goods to keep people sane. (her genius tagline)

finally, if you’re interested in our next teleclass on sassy sadhana (spiritual practice) on wednesday, july 25 at 8:30pm EST, please join us! it’s a $10 donation to the tranquil space foundation and will be used for purchasing the goods for the girls’ goody bags! we’ll dive into living our practice off the mat in a mindfully extravagant way.

toodles and best wishes for a delightful rest of your week.