happy *green* day!

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forgive my absence, this weekend was a whirlwind with me wondering if it even happened. i think it did! i did lots of yoga and my body is feeling it in a good way. between teaching teacher training, a master class on assisting with intention, doing a photoshoot for a few fabulous summer TranquiliT pieces, and choosing our first recipients of tranquil space foundation’s generosity committee, i feel like it’s all a blur.

as you may have noticed, i didn’t get to a podcast this week. taking a brief sabbatical that may turn the podcast into an every-other-week experience rather than weekly. we’ll see. trying to gain control over my time and energy. i don’t want to lose my connection with all you lovely ladies out there so i’m hopeful that this occasional sabbatical won’t disrupt your lives at all.

above are two photos i had to share. while driving back from the photo shoot that took place in the country, i stumbled upon a home goods (remember that fabulous store i raved about in january?). well, i found this aisle that was SO moi that i had to take a photo – mirrored pieces, damask, pink, shabby chic white – it was like a little slice of heaven. the other photo is the finished shower of the ladies’ and mens’ dressing areas. didn’t they do an amazing job?

in honor of today’s green focus (i’ve been dining on a few too many green cupcakes as of late), i wanted to shed light on some fun, simple green tips and tricks i’ve come across lately. the latest edition of body + soul is filled with GREAT ideas such as:

*sending along a green starter kit to someone beginning to green. starterkitforchange.com.
*grouping together various glasses (drinking, vases, perfume bottles, jars, etc.) filled with flowers to create a centerpiece.
*using cloth napkins rather than paper.
*creating natural aromatherapy by hanging a bundle of eucalyptus in the shower.
*buy tree-free pencils at treesmart.com and smencils.com
*use bamboo washcloths.
*take your reusable bag to your shopping destinations. use your DIY skills to make this happen!
*looking for the perfect easter basket stuffers? check out organic chocolates at sjaaks.com and organic jelly beans at deliciousorganics.com.

enjoy and happy greening!