happy, happy st. patty’s day!

love notes
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interested in an in-between tranquility du jour podcast muse? here’s a podcast interview with moi on KANDLcast where we’re discussing life, businesses, and do-gooding. enjoy!

my tranquilista manuscript is due to new world library today. had an amusing conversation with pops last night (an amazing editor) who was royally confused by words and phrases such as “here’s the skinny,” “faux,” “uber,” “i heart X,” and “chai” (he pronounced it “che” – i was like “no, dad, he was a revolutionary, this is a drink!” funny moment . . .

off to edit all day, teach yoga tonight, and return to my “normal” existence after holing up for the past few weeks to put the finishing touches on the manuscript.

happy, happy st. patty’s day! note the LUSH shamrock. that’s how i plan to celebrate at the end of my day. ooh la la.