i heart pigs, cows scare me

love notes
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i was super-excited to meet jd (our adopted pig) and travolta (our adopted cow – you can read about him in the 6.07 veg guide on their site) at the farm sanctuary yesterday. they live out their days happily in their natural habitat roaming the pastures and rolling in mud. since most cows don’t make it to full term in size, I was shocked when I saw travolta – he’s HUGE! like 1000 lbs! i couldn’t get too close to him due to my skittish nature (kept hiding behind beau) and travolta’s lack of interest in me over the grass he was chewing, so the photo of him by the pond was the best together shot we could get! pigs apparently love to have their bellies rubbed so jd and i had some good quality belly rubbing! to adopt your own farm animal, visit here.

this whole experience was a beautiful journey into the practice of ahimsa to all and a connection to those who have beaten the odds. i always have a softspot for the underdog. thank you jd and travolta for sharing your spirits. now i want a pot belly pig! i hear they make great pets and are sooooo cute. beau says no.