i heart valentino’s pugs + transpersonal theory

love notes
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sunday night after hours of sitting cross-legged and writing in front of the fireplace, i begged beau for entertainment and a much-needed break. we went into his netflix cue and found valentino: the last emperor. i was overjoyed. eye candy, fashion, and a quick escape from scholarly paper reality. most fabulous surprise: i wasn’t aware that valentino has *six* pugs and the movie’s website hosted a most fashionable pug contest. too cute. came across these gorgous images of linda evangelista with his pugs from italian vogue. the movie was dreamy and valentino’s designs are unbelievable. truly an artist. highly recommend the film.

after three days of non-stop diversity and theory paper writing, i turned in my papers and had my final class of the semester yesterday. i tweeted “off to final class with deux papers in tow. hear angels singing.” and i did. heart was racing all day yesterday for no apparent reason. evidently the anticipation and finale of it all had quite the effect on my nervous system. felt as if a 100lb gorilla was off my back. during theory class as we were discussing which theories most resonated and why (i chose transpersonal theory – heart it!), and how we will apply these in our social work experience, i was reminded of how lucky i am to be taking these classes and to be in this program. social workers can make such a difference. i felt honored and enthusiastic about next semester (after a month-long sojourn that includes a big ol’ artist date in mexico).

and, yes, i still hear the angels singing. xoxo