monday musings: my visit to the pig sanctuary

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 sunday’s visit to the pig sanctuary in shepherdstown, west virginia
Woke up thinking about piglet Walter. Cutest. thing. EVER. He is 6 weeks old and fell off a transport truck. A similar story to piglet Kim (another piece on her) who I recently met at the Farm Sanctuary. Sweet things.
Yesterday I took a day off and headed out to the Pig Sanctuary for an appointment I’d been trying to make for almost a year. Totally worth the wait. Melissa, the Executive Director, gave Beau and I a major tour of this amazing space. We met pigs galore (my favorite of all the animals) and a few delightful dogs over the course of two hours. 
I fell in love with Zeus the mastif (pictured above). Sweetest. dog. ever. The work Melissa is doing to care for 400 animals is a true gift. I’m happy to be a new sponsor of Walter, Zeus, Porker, and Hippie: a blessing of beautiful beings. Note Henri (chubby potbelly in upper left corner) with Blossom (farm pig), Tranquil Space teacher Susanna and hubby Markus sponsor him. Apparently he does a lot of sleeping and eating!
Watch for an upcoming video where you get to see some of their amazing personalities up close. Beau took tons of video while I was rubbing their bellies. A pig’s fave thing, fyi! Hope to return to do some volunteer work and check in on my new four-legged friends. Here’s how you, too, can get involved and support their efforts, if interested!