new year’s chariTea gala THIS saturday

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bonjour ladies!

not sure why the lovely hip tranquil chick image has green streaks in her hair but we’ll go with it – she’s doing things differently! i’m writing to remind you about this saturday’s chariTea gala from 10-4 in dc. we have six spaces left and lululemon goodie bags filled with creative treats, oodles of tea and tea sandwiches, and modules designed to ensure you have your best year yet await you! we’re donating 15% of all proceeds to tranquil space foundation and will have TranquiliT available for purchase for anyone wanting to partake in discounted retail therapy.

in the meantime, i’m off to new york in a matter of hours and had planned to go to bed hours ago. alas, my life story. looks like i’ll be sleeping during my journey up instead. riding in a vehicle puts me to sleep like a baby anyway – i love it! while louis snores on my lap, i’ve sipped tons of tea and gotten tonight’s podcast done, a blast out to hip tranquil times subscribers, edited a new homepage look for tranquil space (coming soon), and done some preparation for the week. guess i should crawl into bed so i can get up in 5 hours. since the next two days will have me gallivanting around various tradeshows at convention centers and museums, i’ll be sure to focus on all the creative juices around me despite aching feet and long hours. seeing other people’s creations of clothing and accessories fuels my creative fire and helps me find fabulous new pieces for the tranquility boutique. have a lovely start to your week.

creative tip: keep a camera in your purse – ready to capture a moment at all times. i’ve done this over the past month or so and am using it constantly. there is so much magic around us!