Saturday’s Celebration for the Turkeys

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Saturday afternoon Tim and I headed to Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary’s Celebration for the Turkeys event. I was delighted to see the event written up in The Washington Post the next day.

We sipped organic, vegan wine in a dank wine cellar lit by twinkle lights with Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur. After a yummy glass of sparkling rosé and Pinot Grigio, we headed straight to the pigs. I simply couldn’t wait another minute.

As you’ll see from the photos above, the pigs don’t share the same level of excitement for me that I have for them. I mean, they usually stay sleeping, snort, snore, and grunt when I stalk them. If they’re younger, they typically run from me. I think I’m a bit too, well, assertive in my enthusiasm.

We roasted vegan s’mores by a campfire, sat on wood stumps to listen to live music, met other rescued animals, enjoyed the turkey feeding, and consumed a large vegan meal inside a towering white tent.

The turkey feeding included cranberries and lettuce to honor the three rescues. The turkeys were timid to start and then seemed to soak up the limelight by taking food out of kids’ hands and strutting. Who knew their feathers were so majestic?! I’d never seen a turkey so dolled up. Clearly I’m used to seeing the more toned down females.

These rescue animals are blessed with a happy home at Burleigh Manor—only a 45-minute drive from DC.

And, yes, the wheels are already turning to host an event there in the spring. Animals, yoga, and mindfulness? Don’t mind if I do! Bisous. x