the celebration of women and empowerment

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welcome to women’s history month

and, of course, a continual celebration of all things fabulously feminine. march is devoted nationally to honoring women and serves as a beautiful reminder of the abundance of choices available to those willing to push edges to create opportunity. my favorite mantra has been, “edges pushed, boundaries held.” i believe this ties in perfectly to a muse focused on the celebration of women. personally, i see accepting challenge as being synonymous with empowerment. your ability to push edges makes for a less stagnant and more dynamic existence. isn’t that what being a hip tranquil chick is all about?

use the onset of spring to reflect on areas in your life that feel stagnant and in need of change. for example, how long have you been complaining about your job, relationship, or living situation? what small steps can you take to begin making changes in these areas? or is the shift needed simply a change in attitude and perspective? empower yourself with the realization that you are in your current situation by choice, and getting out of any position that no longer serves you is also a choice. as we all know, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. let your acknowledgement of a desire for change jump-start this journey today. in addition, bring awareness to areas in your life that beg for you to exert power and hold boundaries. putting the needs of others before your own is a sure way to lose momentum in your own life goals. remember the importance of holding boundaries in your relationships and life experiences to conserve your power for pushing your own edges. spring is a perfect time to take stock and do some housekeeping.

being a well-rounded yogini is to be mindful of actions on a larger scale — noticing how what we do affects others. use the awareness you bring to the areas in your individual world to a more global view. how can you assist in a continuation of freedom for all people? for example, donate to an international women’s fund, volunteer at a domestic violence or homeless shelter, start a business catered to women, read a book about a powerful woman, mentor a fellow female, participate in a big sister program, head a fundraiser that supports a cause close to your heart, create a community for like-minded people.

celebrate the women in your life. celebrate the woman you were. celebrate the woman you’ve become. celebrate the woman you strive to be. celebrate the women who paved the path for your freedom. may march shower you with pride, gratitude for those that challenge and empower you, and an activist attitude for improving those areas that aren’t at full potential individually and globally. use march to bloom what has been dormant and germinating below the surface all winter.