15 hours of travel later

love notes
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boy, we didn’t know what we were in for yesterday. such the journey. easy flight to detroit, loooonnnngg 4.5 hour flight to seattle where i kept saying to beau “are we there yet? i’m done with this flight.” and then a 5 hour drive to whistler. once we settled in we did a quick tour around the village and i was filled with glee to see that there is a LUSH here. what more could a girl want in a ski town? there are tons o’ coffee shops, some yoga studios i hope to hit, and a make your own pottery shoppe that looks fun (beau asked me please to not torture him with that one). louis the pug is exhausted and so is beau. so i’m up e-mailing, writing, and savoring the joys of being in a new setting.

en route yesterday i did a lot of reading and almost finished this great book called values-driven business co-authored by one of the ben and jerry’s founders. i’ve read two from the social ventures network series and highly recommend them.

while in detroit, we hit a borders in the airport and i was ecstatic to find me book there. i showed the staff there, introduced them to louis who is on the cover, and asked if i could sign it. then i picked up another book, public speaking for success by dale carnegie. it’s a classic and gawd forbid i leave a bookstore without a purchase.

nothing screams winter quite like a snow-filled ski town village. after yesterday’s crazy journey, i am delighted to be plunked down in the middle of a little slice of heaven. unfortunately during a closet cleaning spree last year, i got rid of my ski jacket from college so i am donning a large leopard-print coat. talk about screaming tourist in a ski town! maybe walking the black pug while others have their big labs and goldens here also makes us stand out. well, remember the post a couple of weeks ago. it’s good to be different. ciao for now . . .