Setting Up a Creative Space

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After a whimsical week in Costa Rica hosting a yoga and creativity retreat, I’m back to my creative space prepping for this week’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, next week’s Virtual Retreat, and writing. Considering how much value I get from my creative space, I wanted to share tips on setting up your own.

1. Determine the why. Why do you need a nook for creativity? (Hint: because we all do!) What do you want to do in your space? What supplies will you need? How much space will you need and what do you have available? Your creative space may be a basket stuffed with your favorite pens for writing, a corner nook near a bookshelf for reading, a table in your studio apartment for jewelry making, a barre and mirror for ballet, or your very own craft room.
12438984_1183112151718982_5655909251104850389_n2. Create inspiration. Set the right amount of lighting. If you’re working on intricate trinkets, you may need a bright lamp with a movable arm. Natural lighting is a big perk. My creative space overlooks a tiny garden. Paint a wall for a pop of color—green is said to breed inspiration. Add additional greenery with plants. Display design boards filled with images you love, fabric swatches, art journal pages, book ideas—anything that inspires.

3. Gather your tools. I found that when my creative tools were tucked away in drawers, I would forget what I had and not use certain markers, ephemera, paints, or note cards because they were out of sight, out of mind. Now I have most of my tools set out on my desk or in a wire birdcage CD holder that now serves as my supply source.

4. Organize for easy access. Set like with like. I have all my writing tools, scissors, and paint brushes set out in reused glass jars and mugs. My washi tape supply is connected by one large ribbon hung on the bird cage. Rubber stamps are on one shelf along with stamp pads. My art journal/journal/laptop are on my desktop for easy access, along with a few inspiring books of the moment. There’s typically an abundance of note cards and stamps handy for penning quick love notes.

5. Add pretty details. I have a lamp with little crystals that provides ambient lighting, a reused berry carton from a farmers’ market to hold trinkets like Post-its or metallic washi tape, a gifted necklace with Louis’ photo and a mala hanging from the lamp, a scented soy wax candle, a space for my morning cuppa tea, and perfume to spritz while working.

What are your favorite ways to set up creative space within your work and/or home environment? 

Wishing you a cozy, creative nook that nurtures your inner artist. Bisous. x