4-week tranquility project launches 4/4

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tomorrow launches my spring 4-week tranquility project e-course. it’s the perfect time of the year to nurture your mind, body + soul. next offering isn’t until october so s’il vous plaît consider joining this intimate lovely group with ladies from around the globe. here’s what former participants had to say:

“I can’t thank you enough for this amazing course! I feel like a switch has been turned on again that has touched all aspects of my life and I thank you for shining the light to guide me. It has also been wonderful to be part of a community that is experiencing the same inspiration. I have learned so much I don’t even know where to begin with a takeaway list… Taking the time for self care, art journaling, daily mediation and yoga, redoing my altar…it’s all been beyond words! I find myself talking about our podcasts and OMwork to anyone I feel can benefit. This was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. You are a truly inspiring teacher!”
“What an enlightening experience to recognize how much our everyday lives are empty of taking care of ourselves. I’ve so often felt guilt for spending time just on moi that I never thought about how much it can actually enhance not only my own happiness but the happiness of those around me.” – Jessie
“This information is so important to me and my world. I sort of felt like I found a kindred in these ways. Certainly, you have a style and a gift for this work. It just truly inspires me to keep discovering my own creative mind, spirit, & body.” – Amy

here’s the skinny:
join kimberly for a 4-week e-course outlining ways to live life fully, with tranquility, and a dash of flair. the four sessions focus on her favorite tranquility tools and are broken out into mind, body, soul, and a combo module.

after reading the book the happiness project, kimberly wanted to play with a similar exploration of tranquility based on the various modes she’s explored intently and created a life around over the past decade. despite the hectic pace at which most of us live, there is a desire for balance and peace at the core. this e-course will show you how to have that while creating the life of your dreams in the process. spend a month basking in *new* ways to infuse tranquility into your everyday, reconnect with forgotten tools, and emerge inspired during the magical season of blooming.
during the course, you will have access to a private blog complete with musings and weekly podcasts by kimberly, along with a sprinkling of lifestyle-focused videos to help bring favorite topics to visual form.
this course will encourage ongoing reflection so you will have weekly omwork to post on the blog (don’t worry, it’s fun!), along with artistic play assignments (also oodles of fun) to explore within your art journal including creating your own bucket list of dreams plus your own flickr page for posting.
in addition, you are encouraged to commit to a daily spiritual practice such as yoga, running, meditation, prayer, or nature walks – whatever resonates most with you.
tranquility topics:
week 1: mind
everyday mindfulness
tracking time usage
yoga philosophy

week 2: body
fave yoga sequence
green smoothies
on-the-go yoga

week 3: soul
art journal
AM/PM reflection rituals
setting up an altar

week 4: combo
accessorizing life
financial finesse
and more!

materials needed:
blank visual journal
yoga mat
colorful pens and/or pencils
glue stick
acrylic paint
paint brush
digital camera 
investment: $99, plus two hours per week to listen to podcasts, watch videos, post on the private blog, and do your omwork. join the tranquility movement, register here! bisous. x