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I recently had to put together a “day in the life” schedule of my world for a women’s entrepreneurial case study. (boy, WHAT a case study I am!) I was asked to categorize “B” for business and “P” for personal. After putting this together I realized that the two were so intertwined that that would be impossible. I love my work and live what I do so it is hard to distinguish the two. Not sure if this is good or completely imbalanced but somehow it works for me right now. I work constantly but LOVE what I do.

Considering I find it insightful to see how others live and balance various things, I thought I would share this with you. Have you ever put together a “day in the life” of your world? Right now mine is very writing-focused but this changes once deadlines are made, etc. I find that putting together an actual and ideal schedule can be enlightening to see how close you are to living your ideal version.

9am: Rise & Shine, check e-mail and handle urgent matters, make green tea, walk Louis
10-noon: Dive into e-mail, respond, check in with studio, eat breakfast, shower, write or meetings with staff, consultants, or business allies
noon-5pm: Write, more meetings, e-mail responses, team updates, possibly head to studio, PR work, clothing line efforts, meeting with manager on studio operations and projects, quick lunch while working
5-8/9pm: Take and teach yoga classes, work at studio
8/9-midnight/1am: Blog, write, read, e-mail responses, meetings with consultants, eat dinner, date with beau or friend one night a week, take hot bath

10am: Rise & Shine, check e-mail and handle urgent matters, make green tea, shower
11:30am: Head to studio
noon: Take class
1:30: Teach class
3:00-6: Meetings on projects with consultants or team
6-1/2am: Write, blog, read, take hot bath, dinner date with beau or friends

10am-noon: Rise & Shine, check e-mail and handle urgent matters, make green tea, writing
noon-1/2am: Varies. Typically my “day off” which I spend away from the studio writing, running studio or personal errands, writing podcast shownotes, podcasting, posting podcast shownotes, responding to weekly studio wrap-up, planning next week’s priorities, e-mails, occasional hosting of outside workshops or trunk shows, meetings regarding clothing line