all about the details

love notes
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while le beau watches a game with a ball (ugh – why do they jump up and down and make odd noises?), i spent time picking up a few special touches for my ongoing creativity circle (full), april’s art + yoga retreat (3 spots left), and art + yoga in france (4 spots left) plus fun sprinkles for tranquil space offerings (heaps!). here’s my list o’ creativity procured a la etsy: pink divine twine, french paper doilies, glassine envelopes, + pink striped straws. and, oui, i scoured for best pricing so feel free to use the links for your own shopping!
i am constantly reminded that it really is ALL about the details. a french lace paper doily under your cookies add a special touch to any plate. pink baker’s twine tied around a gift or card gives the item a splash of creative flair. pink striped straws in your mason jar infuses a vintage feeling. a love note, bag of tea, or assortment of ephemera in a glassine envelope sealed with japanese masking tape is truly a treat. we’re now wrapping our TranquiliT orders with recycled kraft paper, twine and a hand stamped tag. details, details, details, my deary.
how do you infuse love and special touches into your daily details? bisous. x