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on saturday i led my second art journaling workshop at tranquil space. alas, you may notice glitter glue adhered to our bamboo studio floor.  above are some snippets of participants at various stages of play and sharing some of their art work. plus valerie of city life eats, lauren of everyday revelry, and tranquil space teacher lisa share their experience from saturday in their beautiful blogs. 
the beauty of art journaling is there is no one way to do it. it’s a free flowing expression of what is going on within. i’ve written in a journal since i was a young girl, but simply ballpoint pen (or a marker if i was feeling a bit creative) on lined paper. the opportunity to use images, paint, glitter glue, stamps, and layers of ephemera takes the process to a whole new level. 
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try it. disclaimer: you may become addicted. i saw a late night saturday tweet from a participant who said she couldn’t stop and needed to go to bed! good news, there are worse addictions. enjoy the act of combining words and art. let your creative juices flow.
bisous. x