au revoir dc, bonjour squam

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making art = happiness
Happy, happy hump day! 
After a few hours of sleep, I packed up my art supplies plus select TranquiliT pieces for the Squam Art Fair, and am settling in for a few hours of writing before heading to the airport. I understand that there is limited to non-existent Internet access at Squam. Thus, if you hear crickets here at Tranquility du Jour for a few days, please forgive me and know that you’ll be inundated with eye candy and stories galore upon my return Sunday evening (along with a fabulous podcast).
It’s fun to see something I signed up for January 1 – and have been looking forward to for months – come to fruition. Despite it being an incredibly hectic time, I’m know it is perfect nonetheless. Being forced to jump off the hamster wheel for time to time is a must-have for maintaining some semblance of tranquility. And, the opportunity to don scarves and tall boots in chilly New Hampshire surrounded by creative beings doesn’t hurt either!
Wishing you a beautiful few days. If you’ve joined the Creative + Conscious Business E-course, you’ll be basking in new knowledge and inspiration tomorrow. If you’re currently doing the Tranquility Project E-course, you’ll get your new podcast at noon and we’re focusing on the body this week! If you’re sitting in a cubicle or at home with your tots (or anywhere in between) and seeking a dose of inspiration, thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing my journey upon return.
Here’s a quote to inspire:
“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” via Henry Miller
How can you practice being fully aware today? Listen to your colleague. Acknowledge your barista. Pet your 4-legged friend. Hug your partner. Notice the people and things you pass en route to work.
Merci beaucoup for reading and following along on this wild ride called life.
Bisous. x