back from the woods

love notes
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ahh, the joys of being. the days whizzed by, i would swear i was gone two days, not five. we pulled back into town around 3:30, to the studio at 4, took class, taught class, had a fun foundation board meeting, and home to pack before dashing off to chicago for the midwest yoga conference in the morning. nothing like hitting the ground running! i always love my time at this particular yoga conference. i meet lovely people, see yogis i’ve met during my three previous years at the conference (i’m there showing TranquiliT), get to take some classes, and love my alone time chilling in the hotel room after a 12-hour tradeshow day.

during my cabin time i slept a ton, vegged out with some not-so-fabulous random tv, was completely out of touch as cellphones didn’t even work, finished two books (setting the table and sacred commerce), ate a few smores, dined on some yummy homemade guacamole, went on a lovely hike in cacapon state park, went to an outdoor music festival where we sampled numerous west virginia fruit wines, got a massage, and had some lovely chats with BFF. i woke up a bit antsy on sunday morning and answered 56 e-mails that beau set free when gallivanting into town for more food and wireless internet. somehow that gave me my fix to keep resting two more days.

the simple things in life like laughter, good conversations, naps, smores, and walks in the woods are must-haves. i can’t imagine life without these important treats. when feeling overwhelmed or saddened, be sure to call up your BFF for a laugh, go for a walk in nature, dine on some yummy chocolate meets graham cracker meets marshmallow, or curl up in some cozy sheets for some much-deserved r & r. here’s to life lessons derived from down time. cheers!