ballet = beauty

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 last night i began my 6-week journey intro to dance at joy of motion. the class is divided into two weeks of ballet, jazz, and modern. wee! and as the piano music began to play last night, i became, once again, enamored with the beauty of ballet. 
as a little girl i loved my weekly ballet classes. getting dolled up in baby pink and black made me so happy. donning toe shoes and performing was absolute bliss. the music, the creative story my ballet teacher would craft for recitals, the costumes, the sparkles, the audience, the hours of practice – all this felt so special to me as a young girl and teenager. once i hit high school, i joined the dance team and turned my attention there. sigh.

a few years ago i took a 12-week ballet course with many other not-so-graceful adults and loved it. although i felt more like a crab scurrying along the floor vs something worthy of french words like plié, rond de jambe + petit jeté and classical piano tunes. alas, i continued on and loved the process.

fast forward to last night and i’m filled, once again, with admiration for the art form and a deep desire to dance more. i found out that there are performance classes and came home squealing with glee, asking le beau if he and sir louis would come and watch me twirl around in a tutu at the age of 38. 

stay tuned as my return to dance and passion for varied movement unfolds. 
any childhood passions bubbling up within you? ideally they include tutus and sparkles too!  
bisous. x 
 all images courtesy of pinterest label “ballerina”