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where you’ll find us the next 2 months

dearest tranquility du jour readers:

as you’ve probably heard on the podcasts from this weekend, it’s been an exciting adventure so far complete with old and new connections, pop-ups in philly and brooklyn, and a frayed oh-so-important belt on sweet lillie. as we await her wednesday repair, we’re savoring the journey with bike rides, tasty dinners in jersey city, planned yoga in the city, and sacred naps. next stop, montreal on saturday and farm sanctuary on monday.

considering wifi time will be sporadic during our travels, some of the weekly columns will be missed. sigh. however, i’ll still be posting pics, updates, and love when i have a solid {non-dail-up speed} connection. also, the weekly love notes to all museletter subscribers will still hit in-boxes so be sure to stay connected there, too. follow the adventure on instagram, twitter, and facebook and merci beaucoup for being here. bisous. x