bonjour 2009

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muse from january 2009’s tranquil space museletter:

bonjour and welcome to 2009! this is our chance to get it right, start anew, and make some changes. the possibilities are endless. a new beginning is offered every day, not just january 1. each morning you are given a fresh canvas on which to paint. you choose the paint colors, the strokes, the pace, and the other players. your life is a constantly evolving work of art. create your new year consciously through reflection, intention, and action.

reflection: reflect on lessons learned in 2008. write out a year in review. note highlights, lessons learned, and what you have to be grateful for from these key experiences.

intention: set your intentions by getting them down on paper and staying mindful of them throughout your day. collage or write out on paper what you want 2009 to look like. become mindful of qualities you hope to cultivate.

action: create action steps on how you plan to get there. post these action steps where you see them every day.

sample reflection: feeling stagnant and in need of more doing things differently.
sample intention: i want to live more creatively.
sample action: sign up for a watercolor class, wear red, learn the tango, browse the creativity section of, read the artist’s way, try your hand at DIY projects (see our sustainable crafting classes at TranquiliT’s showroom), sign up for french lessons, start that novel, get a sewing machine)

as my favorite marianne williamson poem states, “we are all meant to shine and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” let your inner light sparkle in 2009 through ongoing reflection, intention, and action. watch amazing things unfold. the potential that lies within you is infinite. take some sacred time to mold it and then live out loud!