bonjour country life!

love notes
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such a treat to wake up to country air, sounds, and spaciousness. it feels good to be back to this special place. peruse little history on the farmhouse and the work that goes on at woodhull. the library itself is to die for. truly a dream to be surrounded by so many books by and about women. utterly inspiring!

the ladies will arrive this afternoon so i included a photo of hilary collaging in the living room last year. it’s fun to see the place come to life with like-minded ladies from all over coming together to indulge in personal development. truly a treat!

my creaky body is craving yoga and i just received the two dharma mittra yoga DVDs before i left town, so . . . looks like i’ll start the day with some deep lunges. i’m debating his teacher training and want to do some immersion in the practice to ensure my body loves it.

getting to the country provides such a welcome respite from the city life i love. it’s nice to look out my window and see lots of space, hills, and trees. albert einstein wrote, “i have lived in solitude in the country and noticed how the monotony of the quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” i like forward to creative infusion and space this weekend.

set up your own mini-retreat this weekend:
1. carve out 3-5 hours
2. light a candle to signify the start of your retreat
3. gather your creative tools: paintbrushes, journal, sketch pad, computer for writing, sewing machine, beads, yoga mat
4. make something: a blog post, a painting, a sketch of your ideal life, a redesigned tee (see our class at TranquiliT showroom next week), new dangly earrings, new yoga sequence
5. top it off with a long soak in the tub complete with lavnder epsom salts
6. enjoy a mixed greens salad, flute of bubbly, and chocolate mousse