bonjour from fishkill, new york

love notes
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the week was amazing and the ladies were absolutely lovely. attached are a couple photos for your viewing pleasure. a consistent theme was that of joy – many of us were laughing to the point of tears on an ongoing basis. it got to where the staff or yogis from other programs were like, “oh, you’re with the hip tranquil chick group!” apparently we left quite a mark and seemed to spread great energy coupled with laughter everywhere we went. such a blessing to be among such beautiful souls.

sadly i was offline for two days when my computer decided to no longer want to connect with the server. i downloaded hundreds of e-mails when i got to fishkill (what an interesting name, eh?) and am about to head out to grab some sushi but wanted to share these gorgeous photos. i’ll be returning to kripalu august 9-14, 2009 so please mark your calendars if you’re interested in joining in on the celebration next year.

i didn’t have nearly the reading, writing, and alone time that i had planned on. instead i went with the moment and spent a lot of time relishing in the company of others. look at the ladies, can you blame moi?

heading to the delightful nyc in the morning to meet up with our boutique manager at a gift show. gotta shop for tranquil space boutique’s green holiday gifts. looking forward to it after a nice bath and good night’s sleep. wishing you a fabulous weekend filled with reflection, inspiration, and oodles of laughter!