bonjour from snowy west virginia

love notes
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so beautiful out here! we drove out in crazy snow yesterday so it took an additional hour but the gorgeous landscape made it worthwhile. when louis woke me up this morning around 6 for his morning snack (god forbid he go more than a few hours without filling his tummy with homemade doggie muffins), i looked outside onto the most amazing view – tons of snow-covered trees. the glistening of snow on branches is truly heartwarming. back to bed until 11:20am when i awoke in a panic knowing i had to prep for a noon call. while downloading the morning’s e-mails, i received an e-mail from my noon call that she wasn’t feeling well so i had two free hours to prep for the afternoon’s calls. yay! it was a gift.

rescheduled her for next week, dove into some TranquiliT web work in the interim, and set up spa appointments for beau (ear candling), pug (bath + trim), and moi (reflexology, facial, massage + ear candling) on saturday. never had ear candling so the whole family is excited. now, i’m done with the day’s calls and may take a nap. whew. vacations are fun. i tend to sleep A LOT! louis loves roaming free on the land that surrounds this rental home and we love being in the country.

poor beau. i packed up my 6-drawer rolling cabinet filled with beading supplies, my sewing machine, and four design boards. i think he was over me before we even left dc. happy anniversary! last night i cut up some inspiring images as i gotta start planning for the fall 2008 collection – designs, colors, fabrics. i also brought some fun images to help create a storyboard for the new tranquil space. i created some for my contractor in the fall but i’d like to have one for me to assist with choosing accessories and fixtures in the new space.

i so honored that many of you are joining me for the online creativity course. we have an amazing international group so far: australia, united kingdom, canada, and the united states are all represented! woo hoo. watch for pre-omwork and all the scoop coming mid-february.

gonna nosh on some vegetarian chili, sit in front of the warm fire, sip my acai green tea, read one of the MANY books i brought, and prep for my nap. loving life right now. please carve out some moi time this holiday weekend and honor yourself for the efforts you’re making with those new year’s resolutions. xo