Books, Tea, Flowers + Belle

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I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life.—Sylvia Plath

After three meetups  with friends on Alberta Street in Portland, I hopped in a Lyft en route to Powell’s City of Books on Monday night. The city was dark and covered in a cold rain from the day’s constant downpour. I watched the buildings and lights blur by as I fidgeted with anticipation in the back seat.

Filled with over two million books, multiple levels, and a cafe, this bookstore is like no other. I wandered through the stacks navigating different colored rooms in search of nothing in particular, yet feeling ravenous.

Being among so many ideas and creative sparks ignites a typically inaccessible part of me and serves as a full-fledged dopamine hit.

My go-tos are writing, psychology, memoir, blank journals, stationery, and creativity. The psychology section had moved to a different-colored room and the search for it led me past an animal rights section. Three shelves dedicated to animal rights books!

I used to spend hours in the business section and loved that they even had a women’s business shelf. The specificity and volume of options is comforting. It’s like the bookstore gets me (and everyone else) and has shelves designated to our unique interests. Yep, even a shelf for art therapy.

Striking at the Roots and Memoirs of the Soul made their way into my life and I’m honored to give them a happy home.

Apparently the Japanese have a word for my buying-more-books-than-can-read issue: Tsundoku. Any other sufferers out there? The affliction (and delight) is real. Doesn’t it feel good to be understood? Bisous. x

Last weekend we flew to the Northwest for Tim’s cousin’s beautiful wedding at Lairmont Manor. There was a night in Seattle, followed by two in Bellingham, and then two in Portland. Here are some highlights:

  • browsing bookstores
  • discovering peony tulips
  • sipping many cups of tea
  • connecting with longtime friends (one was a yoga student in my living room circa 1999)
  • loving the bride’s gorgeous wedding dress (very boho)
  • spending time with Tim’s family
  • toasting the bride and groom
  • bringing Belle to the wedding
  • seeing Belle acclimate so smoothly to travel
  • eating vegan cupcakes topped with gold glitter and dried rose petals (Back to Eden)
  • sitting outside in the rain waiting for our train
  • renting the coolest car (Jeep Renegade). I’m not a car person, but I kinda have a crush.
  • picking up two ballet-inspired skirts
  • finding a dog-friendly bookstore, Village Books
  • dancing with Tim at the wedding
  • experiencing warm sunshine and cold rain
  • eating my first crumpet