Creative Thursdays: Cutie Beanie

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The bamboo beanie is one of our new additions to the fall/winter collection this year. Much like many of the pieces in the line, the beanie offers plenty of versatility for your fall wardrobe when combined with a dash of creativity!

Here are some ways to dawn the perfect cap:

1. TranquiliT’s beanie comes with a hand-made flower brooch created in Nepal (100% child labor free and made with eco-friendly materials). Simply pinning on this cute addition can put a spring to your step.

2. Have your own favorite brooch already on hand? Why not show off a little color on the edge by flipping the corner up an pinning it with your own fabulous brooch.

3. Take a few of your stud earrings and poke them through the side of your beanie for a fun variation. Make sure that the backs of the studs are short enough so they won’t poke your head.

4. Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon! What’s more femine than a lush ribbon tied to your hat? Combine a few types of ribbon (as seen in the photo) and pin it to your hat. For the more crafty TranquiliT gal, consider stitching the ribbon in a unique design with a needle and thread.

5. Have a more funky style? Layer the beanie with another favorite hat for your collection for a hip (and warm) look. The lettuce edging peeks out just enough to make this style cute and functional.

Possibilities are endless! We would love to know how you spice up for your beanie — email a picture of your version to and we just might have to share it on our blog!

~Christy, events designer