DIY: Cutting Your TranquiliT Fashions

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Sometimes it just so happens that not every fashion we want fits just right. What’s a girl to do? What if the sleeves are too long on that cardishawl or you accidentally step on the bottom of your Palazzo Pants and now they are tattered? Don’t fret! TranquiliT’s organic bamboo fabric is perfect for fixing these problems.

If you need to cut your TranquiliT fashions for any reason, such as that your All-In-One Wrap Dress is too long, you can cut the fabric yourself without fear of ruining the piece.

First of all, TranquiliT’s organic bamboo fabric does not fray. Many of TranquiliT’s fashions are manufactured with a raw edge because of the classic design and the fabric’s ability to hold together and not split apart.

Cutting your TranquiliT clothing is as easy as three simple steps:

1) Lay your TranquiliT clothing flat on the floor – no wrinkles, keep everything even.
2) Get out your best pair of scissors. Sewing scissors are recommended, but any sharp scissor will do. For best results, test the accuracy of the scissors on paper or another fabric before proceeding.
3) Decide exactly how much you want to cut off of your TranquiliT piece and then carefully & slowly trim your item of clothing. A bit of advice: start off by cutting less than you actually want off. This will help in case your first try isnt perfectly straight.

Good luck!