Daybook with disks

Over the weekend I received a note from a long-time Daybook supporter, Darca, who did a revamp of her binding. She sent me the how-to with links, so I’m writing to share these thoughtful suggestions.

We’re down to three 4.0 Daybooks and five 3.0 Daybooks. If you want one, scoop it up now. I’ll start designing 5.0 shortly and it will be available this fall.

Also, we’ve upgraded the website so you can now purchase multiple items such as parfum, tea, books, CDs, and more in one order.

Darca’s DIY tips:

“Just to give you something new to think about Daybook-wise, I decided that I wanted to be able to add and remove pages from it — so I took out the spiral spine, re-punched the holes and remade the spine from discs that I had from a different planner.

The result is that I can remove months that have gone by and add in any sheets of paper I like very easily. I insert blank pages to work on various projects I have on the go.

The spinal discs are from here.
The hole-punch I use is from Levenger.
This company also sells them.

I am sure that many people prefer the original, spiral spine, but this system works well for me! I love the Daybook — it is so much nicer than any other out there.”

 Happy planning!