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i’m excited to share that we are eager to support fledgling designers seeking to explore their creative sides. my assistant, the lovely events designer for TranquliT, has put together a plethora of exciting events to soothe the creative spirit. space is limited as we’ll be working at TranquiliT’s new showroom. check out all the exciting offerings and note my workshop on growing your creativity into a business.

one of my favorite books that explores the journey of crafting to a business is craft, inc. of course, just because you’re crafty, doesn’t mean you want to create a business out of it. however, studies do show that when you do what you’re most passionate about to support yourself, you are happier! ponder this: what do you love doing more than anything else? is there a way to support yourself doing that? if not, what about a piece of it?

never accept status quo or cubicle living if that doesn’t fit you. shine. shine. shine. and get crafty along the way!