embrace your inner child + artist date winner

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this gorgeous petal was sent to me by the lovely melita. SO creative, so playful, so her. doesn’t this beckon you to connect with chalk and embrace your inner child? remember the days of walking through mud barefoot (or maybe that was just us oklahoma gals), jumping rope, and doodling with sidewalk chalk?

what small thing can you do today that helps you reconnect with that whimsical, innocent, soft spirit?

in honor of embracing one’s inner child, it’s time to announce *the winner of the artist date challenge.* i received numerous write-ups and images and
was more than inspired. i’ll be sure to do a post sharing your great dates. however, one gave me a play by play of her artist date with 7 photos including her planner pad that noted blocked out time for this artist date. the winner is arwa jumkawala who just happens to be a birthday girl today. sending her oodles of sparkles, cupcakes, and creative inspiration. a BIG thanks to all who submitted entries.

next challenge: send moi photos of you getting your artist date on and i’ll share them with our readers. the most creative artist date photo/write up received by december 21 (the winter solstice) will receive a complimentary CD of my newest tranquility-to-go class. create away + do share!