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wondering how to make a difference? here are sOMe simple tips and a reminder regarding tranquil space foundation’s event TOMORROW night.

merci beaucoup for your support of do-gooding efforts. here’s a story about one of the girls tranquil space foundation worked with this year through tranquil teens:

“Michelle* is an amazing survivor. Ridden by anxiety following a lifetime of sexual abuse, she vacillated between periods of depression and violent rages. The sexual abuse left her bereft of self-esteem, so much that she could scarcely make eye contact during conversations. Her emotional and behavioral instability resulted in repeated psychiatric hospitalizations and eventually residential treatment.

When I learned about the Tranquil Teens Workshop, I immediately thought of Michelle. In her fits of rage, she hardly knew where she was. Her breath was absent. She was ungrounded. I contacted Tranquil Space Foundation to see if they would be interested in working with Michelle and our residents. They gracefully agreed to come to our long-term residential treatment center in Maryland.

On that Saturday morning our residents and girls from local therapeutic group homes converged to learn from Kimberly and her team. Amongst the forty girls gathered, Michelle stood out. She kept a quiet, attentive gaze as Kimberly led her through breathwork and relaxation exercises. She eagerly opened her journal to note what she was thankful for—to feel safe and to be protected from her abuser.

Beginning with the Tranquil Teens Workshop, Michelle made friends with breathwork and journaling. She began journaling about the horrors of childhood abuse. She used breathwork to calm herself when she wanted to hurl her anger at innocent bystanders. Recently Michelle began equine therapy. Learning to ride a horse can be a daunting task for anyone, even more so when you have experienced this world as an abusive and dangerous place. When we first arrived at the equine therapy farm, Michelle timidly walked towards the horses. She turned to me and said “I’m scared”, I said “I know and that makes sense, but you know what you can do. You can breathe. Remember how to do your deep breathing?” Looking up at me, making true eye contact, she said “like the yoga lady taught me?” “Yes Michelle”, I said, “just like the yoga lady taught you.

As a therapist and yoga devotee, I see the amazing blend of leadership skills, yoga, and creativity that Tranquil Space Foundation offers to girls across the DC metro region. I’m deeply grateful. On behalf of Michelle, and the other 39 girls, I would like to thank Tranquil Space Foundation for their incredible work. Namaste.”

*Name of youth was changed to protect confidentiality

Our Foundation’s 4th annual Celebration is tomorrow. Woo-hoo! Here is how you can support our efforts even from afar:

1) Attend the event
2) Out of town or otherwise engaged? Buy a virtual ticket
3) Join the Facebook event
4) Spread the word – please share the event with your personal network via email and social media.
5) Bid on the fabulous online auction items including private yoga sessions, TranquiliT, mentoring with moi, massage, consulting, facials, gelato, personalize cupcakes, and more!