eye candy

love notes
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ella fitzgerald is serenading moi while my mint mojito candle makes the hotel room feel like home. finally in portland and settling in post way-longer-than-planned journey here. we were to arrive 20ish hours before we actually did and got to spend the night in a houston hotel SANS luggage. ahhh, gotta love life’s curve balls. it keeps it all more exciting. of course, i did snag a few extra minutes in the houston airport borders and came across this cute book: don’t get caught with your skirt down: a practical girl’s recession guide. seems pretty entertaining/enlightening!

we’re here for beau’s brother’s wedding and i have a plethora of dear friends to see here, too, so our schedule is quite full. first stop: powell’s. my heart skips a beat just thinking about all the books! i’ll be sure to capture all i can on film to share.

in the interim, i wanted to pass along these three visions of delicious eye candy. so the cupcakes speak for themselves. don’t they make you salivate? yum! they were sent by a dear yogini on my birthday. next is sir louis napping in the back of the car with his beloved “teddie” during our intense road trip last week. last, i set out my accessories when i got to the hotel and thought the colors and sparkles were too fabulous to not share!

now, to bed. wishing you all a *gorgeous* holiday full of sparkles and more sparkles! xo