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here’s a photo of me and louis saying farewell to my dear jeep last wednesday. louis never liked the whole lack of air conditioning thing in my old jeep. au revoir dear friend. thanks for the memories and contribution you’re making to last chance for animals.

i got a call from my mama today all upset about my 94-year-old gramma’s high blood pressure. in between clients at the tradeshow booth i counseled mama and called gramma. i began with “why’s your blood pressue high, young lady?” (she has an amazing sense of humor). she immediately responded, “who told on me?” well, i lectured her on doing more chair yoga, to stop canoodling with the men at the assisted living center (always gets a chuckle out of her) and to eat more fruits and vegetables. she mentioned partaking in celery and carrots at lunch but avoiding the tomatoes. by the end of the conversation, she asked if two tomatoes would fix her. i said that four for sure would! this evening i googled all sorts of high blood pressure diet for seniors articles and passed them along. this woman is a pistol and i can’t imagine life without her.

tonight i got back late to my room after 12 hours at the booth, a deep tissue massage, and some groovy kirtan singing with a concert by sean johnson and the wild lotus band. i was a bit hungry so i hit the mini bar and devoured a payday. well, a little bit later, i got back into the mini bar and pulled out the pringles. yikes! i’m lecturing gramma on tomatoes while i dine on a payday and pringles! thank goodness i don’t think she reads the blog.

next i did some online shopping for almost 2 hours searching for the perfect flat faux leather tall black boot. not an easy find. after reading all the testimonials on the gabriella rocha bree boots at zappos.com, i was ready to take the plunge. then, they didn’t have the black in my size. gasp! so i ordered a size smaller.

tomorrow i fly back to dc in the evening. chicago has been such fun but i’ve had no self-control in the evenings. it’s been such a treat to have a big room to myself that i’ve stayed up late working, surfing online, doing yoga, meditating, and channel surfing. since i’m supposed to be at my booth at 7:30am, i should probably go to bed. ever have those days when life seems too full to take time to sleep (even though sleeping is a must-have and delicious endeavor)? ‘night!