finished deadlines = bliss

love notes
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after many heavy deadline-filled days, i am feeling MUCH lighter. here’s a brief rundown of the past few days:

saturday: taught 3 hours of our 500-hour teacher training program + hosted our 3-hour annual tranquil space team retreat (see our *AMAZING* team in the lower photo). finished day by dining at olive garden (my FAVE restaurant . . . seriously) + sleeping at beau’s cabin in the woods. ahhhh.

sunday: study, study, study for test on monday. did manage to sneak out for a much-needed roman bath + massage. a girl’s gotta have her priorities!

monday: school + test (tres anxiety-producing) + hours of book layout final review.

tuesday: all day of book layout final review + corisone shot in shoulder (boo).

wednesday: finished final review of tranquilsta. d-o-n-e. also finalized and uploaded graphics for new CD tranquility to go.

i feel SO much lighter after these insane last few days so i’ve made the most of it so far: ice cream sandwich, booked my flight to mexico for the creativity retreat, bought the coveted sequin leggings (how to wear video) i’ve been eyeing (this season’s must), and am now settling in with beau and pug to watch coco chanel. can’t wait for the movie coco before chanel to come out this weekend on the big screen. i’ll be there with bells + faux chanel on!

tomorrow is our tranquil space foundation gala (please come!) and this weekend TranquiliT is showing at green fest (please come!). although life kicks back into high gear tomorrow, i’m savoring this evening of met deadlines with a little highly encouraged self-indulgence.

btw, the top photo is my creation from the dream box workshop i hosted for the lovely jennifer lee on friday night. note the sparkly heels, rock star yoga pose, and word “space” – my ongoing mantra. here’s a fun write up she did of her time here in dc. enjoy, and tell me, what are your dreams? what do you want to see unfold? pass along vision boards, vision boxes, vision notebooks — anything that helps bring your dreams into a visual form. i’d love to see it and offer support. xo