florida was fabulous

love notes
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my journey here has been lovely. amazing hospitality by the studio hosts, delightful students, warm welcomes, yummy thunderstorms, and super-yummy pasta! attached are some photos of the book signings along with karen (red pearl owner) and i in her darling boutique. after teaching eight hours (4 workshops), signing books, hosting two trunk shows, and enjoying two evenings with a dear girlfriend who moved to miami a few years ago, i’m looking forward to sleeping in and spending a couple hours on the beach tomorrow before flying home.

i passed a bookstore yesterday and HAD to go in. found two books i MUST have: a revised edition of the fashion designer’s survival handbook (which i was just rereading – now there’s a revised copy – yay!) AND sew u stretch. i’ve picked up her first book a few times but decided i shouldn’t get it because all my clothing is stretch. now, voila, she put out a stretch book!

friday i’m taking a DIY day to spend some time creating and i can’t wait to play with this book, along with this t-shirt book i bought a couple summers ago. i’m debating a TranquiliT couture/luxe line with one-of-a-kind pieces similar to tranquilista gems. ahhh, the joys of playing with fabric. i just can’t get enough of convertible pieces!