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{image courtesy of sweet denise}
sipping rosé after walking the labrynith
chartres cathedral {note the stunning blues = inspiration for TranquiliT‘s fall color}

 {image courtesy of sweet denise}
entrance to la maison picassette
the front of la maison picassiette {picassiette = picasso of the plate}
up close mosaics of la maison picassiette
another up close image {loved the roses + patterned pieces}

{image courtesy of sweet denise
playing mosaic queen for a moment
oui, all mosaics
raymond isidore {creator of la maison picassiette} is quoted as saying, “one can do nothing without hard word, but the hard work can turn into beauty. one throws so many things away that could be used to give life and happiness. before coming to my building site, i often walked several kilometers to find my raw material: the broken plates, bottoms of perfume bottles, medicine bottles, things that people don’t want and throw away into quarries and rubbish dumps but that are still useful. i took the things that other people threw away.”