Got Paper? Let’s Plan!

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Inside this latest episode of Tea with Kimberly (all episodes HERE), I share a peek inside my various paper planning systems—journal, ideas book, Daybook, mini art journal, large art journal.

When I feel overwhelmed (psst, it’s more often than I care to admit), my go-to is to process in a paper product. I usually finish feeling lighter and more on top of things.

Inside I’ll list my to-dos, ideas, frustrations, challenges, and opportunities. I take notes from therapy sessions (mine, not my clients), conferences, and online classes. Using images pulled from magazines and ephemera from travels, I’ll create collages and washi tape in memory bits (like the postcard from my Paris sketching class).

You definitely don’t need five notebooks to plan, however, if you’re a paper person, I think you’ll resonate with this latest episode. Accessorize with washi tape, colored markers, Sharpies, and your dreams. Please let me know what resonates or if you have any questions on the process. Thanks for watching! Bisous. x