greetings from puerto rico

love notes
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what a fabulous place! i am in love with the balmy climate, passionate people, use of the US dollar (no currency exchange), cell phone accessibility, and quick jaunt from DC. after only four hours of sleep, we boarded a tres bumpy 3+ hour flight to this beautiful island, and i’ve so enjoyed exploring.

today i got to take a fabulous yoga class at it’s yoga puerto rico. with only five minutes to spare, i hopped in a cab with a driver who was not familiar with the street the studio was on. my pulse went up as i was deeply in need of a dose of tranquility (as if this fabulous island isn’t enough). finally, after asking numerous bystanders on the street, we found it. i jumped up the stairs and found a locked door. as i continued to pull on it and felt tears coming on, the teacher took pity on me and let me in. i wanted to hug her but she didn’t skip a beat with her delightful vinyasa class.

we also toured old san juan and i got some swanky black patent pumas – even wore them to tonight’s rehearsal dinner. not terribly appropriate but i put my stillettos in my bag when i realized we had a walk to the restaurant, doned the pumas, and couldn’t bear to take them off.

tomorrow’s the wedding, some poolside time, and some reading. bought (yep, shocker) a new book at the dc airport. what’s a girl to do when the flight is delayed for an hour? i got julia cameron’s memoir – floor sample. this woman is phenomenal and what a story thus far!

i hope you’re finding a dose of tranquility in the launch of your weekend.