happy belated 4th!

love notes
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did this week whirl by or was it just me? having a holiday mid-week sure throws me off track – in a good way. i hope you were able to enjoy a lovely fireworks display and indulge in a sense of gratitude for independence.

bonnard is recovering like a champ – despite his scar down the center of his chubby belly. thanks for all your well wishes! i love this little beast. he’s my first born (9 years old) and nasty as a spitting snake but i somehow find it charming.

i’m soooo delighted to be heading up to new york (my “i must-live-in” city) this weekend for a tea certification course. i can’t wait to learn about all things tea and hit some fun scenes. e-visit this fab place i found online – the make workshop! how fabulous, i can’t wait to check it out. oh, and this fun shopping experience – an eco-friendly boutique. you new yorkers, any other must-check-out places? of course i’ll hit jivamukti for some classes and teany for a tea date but please let me know if there is anything else i must hit.

best wishes for a delightful weekend filled with good tea sipping, eco-friendly shopping, and creativity making!