happy chariTea gala

love notes
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today’s event was such fun. what an *amazing* group of women! set among a roaring fire with big band music playing, scented white candles everywhere, cut orchids as accent pieces, and yummy tea sandwiches, the day was more than i could have hoped for. i coined it “first annual” as we’ll have to return to that gorgeous setting each new year to start it off on the right foot.

we began with an opening circle to introduce each other and create a mantra for the new year. a theme of letting go and seeking clarity emerged for many. then we moved into some yoga to chill and chanting tunes. next was journal writing where we reflected on the following:
1. where am i struggling?
2. what am i most proud of?
3. what is my biggest dream?
4. what is holding me back?
5. what would i do if i knew i wouldn’t fail?

then noshing on tea sandwiches and veggies before being led through tips on cultivating energy and vitality with kate vickers of bountiful living wellness. she discussed the importance of green and leafy veggies, drinking lots of water, eating whole grains, reducing refined sugars, getting fresh air, moving, finding meaningful work, tongue scraping (love it!), thoroughly chewing food, and more. next i led the lovely ladies through some creativity exploration with a focus on “imagine, inspire, innovate” as ways to express our creativity daily topped off with some yin yoga and meditation.

finally, we ended with creating wellness action steps around the twelve areas in her wheel of wellness: self-responsibility and love, breathing, sensing, eating, moving, feeling, thinking, playing and working, communicating, intimacy, finding meaning, transcending. ah, a beautiful day indeed. a BIG thank you to the women who shared their souls with me and my fabulous helpers (christy, julia, and jlo) today! we also raised $140 for tranquil space foundation! merci beaucoup. keep shining.