happy, happy monday!

love notes
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sad news about hiptranquilchick.blogspot.com – once we transitioned the blog to our newly redesigned site, we lost that address and it has now been replaced with something about “tight black pants.” well, the wild world wide net is unpredictable. never fear, however, you can get all the scoop at www.hiptranquilchick.com! i also plan to launch a weekly inspirational muse called the hip tranquil times – more scoop coming soon.

the sun is shining and the air is brisk. i was up until 1:30am reading (i can’t get enough of all these new books) and now have a day of meetings and the infamous french class ahead of me. oui! i’m trying to tie up lots of loose ends and doing quick check-ins with our fabulous teacher team before i head off to spain on halloween next week. as a treat to myself for writing hip tranquil chick, i signed up for a retreat in palma de mallorca with one of my favorite authors, lynne franks. she wrote a book called SEED: the feminine way to do business. i picked this book up when i had just started tranquil space in my living room and she’s served as an inspiration for over 6 years now from afar. i adore the concept of creating a responsbile business that truly serves others and she was my first introduction to that concept. i hope to have Internet access to share with you all i’m learning while on retreat. if not, plan to receive tons of info when i return on november 8.

i hope that your week is off to a great start. if you live near the dc area and would like an invite to the hip tranquil chick book launch fete (and mini fundraiser/unveiling of the tranquil space foundation) on thursday, november 16, e-mail me to receive your invite via e-mail or download it at http://www.hiptranquilchick.com.