happy holiday weekend!

love notes
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whew, another glorious day. subbed the yoga 3, took a yoga 2, taught a yoga 1, had 2 fab meetings, AND a date with louis’ new trainer extraordinaire. turns out that i need the training, not louis. well, i guess we already knew that one.

i’ve observed an overall sense of chill in myself since i returned. nothing feels terribly urgent (probably explains why i’m so behind with my e-mail), i’m taking moments to breathe and play, eating healthy with a lot less sugar, and enjoying this new state immensely. i’m hoping that it will last as it’s only been a week.

beau has spruced up the back patio with monkey grass, impatiens, ivy, and outdoor lighting. i just bought some lovely new aluminum outdoor furniture to add a nice touch. wow, it makes such a difference to have these special details when i look outside. i’m absolutely enamored with the touches of english cottage in an urban setting.

we have 3 spots left in our upcoming new york retreat in 2 weeks. if you’re interested, we’d love to have you join us as the group of women coming are dynamic. my retreat assistant, michelle, and i can’t wait to be among so many hip tranquil chicks from around the country in one lovely farmhouse!

thanks for your great feedback on the car donation. i’ve got a new white bike on order (see photo above) and a wicker basket for the front. can’t wait for my new set of eco-friendly wheels.

best wishes for a beautiful holiday weekend. i hope you’re taking some time for yourself and letting your creativity flourish.