happy hump day!

love notes
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just recorded 2 podcasts – you’re gonna love ’em. such interesting ladies out there!

monday’s workshop with danny meyer was great. he’s an amazing speaker, so real, and has an amazing take on business + hospitality. i hear his restaurants are lovely, too. we hit moby’s teany before hopping on the late night bus home. yum!

had a coaching call yesterday with my authentic leadership coach. we get 5 sessions through naropa‘s program. we focused on time management the entire time as i’m continually trying to figure out the best use of my time. why do i LOVE checking off small things (make a reservation, send an e-mail, edit a document) when all time management experts say to tackle the big projects first? well, she recommended that i focus on having 3-4 key results for the week and that that would ensure i stayed true to the top priorities rather than my passion for crossing off to-dos. i like that. after we got off the call i went through my trusty planner pad and carved out some blank space so i wouldn’t fill it with meetings and was to also try to find a day off. um, that was hard. still searching for one of those but am determined to find one! i encourage you to play with the “key result” concept! what are the top results that you want to see come out of your week? well, this will help determine how you spend your time! genius, eh? hope this helps! i’ve got 3 set up so far and can’t wait to see how this new process assists with time management – an ongoing journey to improve.