happy monday!

love notes
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good morning! went to bed at 10:30pm last night and feel so refreshed. saturday night/sunday morning we were up until 3am watching some crazy documentary. love ’em.

wanted to share two things before i dash off to my 10am appointment:

1. last night i led my first yoga + writing workshop and we had a lovely group of 5 women. one of the participants sent me a review of the workshop that she’d posted on her blog. read all about it here. i loved leading this workshop and look forward to offering it again in 2008. thank you, nona, for sharing and joining us on the writing journey.

2. tomorrow night i’ll be speaking again at GWU. it is open to the public if you’d like to come. afterwards i’ll do a book signing, too! please join us at the GWU marvin center (800 21st street, nw room 403) at 8:15 for a 30-minute presentation on yoga, creativity, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy.

must dash. best wishes for a great start to your week! xo