heading to the hills

love notes
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when my father would go off on one of his research adventures to obscure places, he would always leave a note that said “off to the hills, back in spring” or something equally sweet. despite my plans to be at the writing retreat center by now, i’ve been trying to handle projects that were backlogged due to a full schedule last week. no problem, i’ll be on the road shortly, settled into my writing room by 7:30ish, and ready to face my muse.

this week is just what the doctor ordered (especially since i have a march 15 deadline!) and it feels good to have my ducks in a row even if i’m getting a later start. sometimes you have to throw the best laid plans to the wind, do what feels right, and just keep going! life continues to throw curveballs and i’m finding that the less i fight the balls, the more i enjoy them. let go and open up to a world of fluidity. it feels good.

since i don’t have internet access at the farmhouse i’ll be writing in, i plan to get a dose on wednesday night when i head to town. look forward to reconnecting with the world then. in the interim, i’m heading to the hills and hoping my muse will join moi!