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1000 artist journal pages by dawn devries sokol
yesterday i was generously gifted with this gorgeous book that i peruse each time i partake in bookstore browsing. it’s truly eye candy for the artistic soul.
simple gestures such as a thank you note, a gift just because, and an authentic “thank you” can do so much to honor the spirit. as we continue our joy of blooming into spring, i ask you explore ways to reach out and touch someone’s soul. bring in yellow daffodils for your office, bake cookies for your colleagues, gift someone a thoughtful token just because, call your mother, send flowers to someone struggling. and while you’re at it, dedicate your yoga practice to those in japan. 
everything we do (and the way we do it) can provide a moment of heartwarming eye candy to another – especially when filled with 1000 images of inspiring art journal pages. 
bisous, x.