Home On the Road

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As mentioned in yesterday’s podcast introduction, I’ve been on the road the past five weekends visiting family, going to trainings, and hosting retreats and this will continue into early July. While I love traveling, there’s always something so comforting about returning to the scents and pleasures of home.

My mornings typically begin like the photo above (although my hair rarely looks like that). Sitting at my desk with a cuppa tea in hand, Mookie snuggled close, and writing materials within reach.

When traveling I continue this tradition by packing creature comforts such as bags of tea, writing supplies, yoga mat, candles, and numerous books. Yes, even when we’re in our vintage camper! Especially then.

Living in a vehicle even allows me to go a few steps further with twinkle lights and aromatherapy plug-ins. The photo below shows the camper’s homey set up from our time in the Smokies.

I’m heading to Paris on Thursday to lead next week’s Penning in Paris retreat and have begun packing “essentials”—books, gifts, Jetstream pens, lavender oil. My wish is to design an environment for creativity and grounding while traveling.

As an INFJ (1% of the population) and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), being out of routine can be discombobulating. I’ve learned to cope by toting comforts of home and maintaining morning rituals. They serve as a sort of big girl comfort blanket where I feel swaddled—even in another country.

What routines help ground you? What are your go-to comfort tools? Wishing you grounding practices on the road and at home. Bisous. x