how is it wednesday?

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do you ever wonder how time passes so quickly? having been on the road all of monday, the week feels disheveled and a day off. guess i should face the music that tomorrow is, indeed, thursday! i had the most AMAZING interview with SARK yesterday. our podcast with her will come out on sunday and i’m sure you will be equally amazed. what a creative gem. she’s been a creative inspiration of mine for a decade now and i highly recommend her work.

i’m playing the observer of myself a lot lately and it’s quite insightful. asking myself questions like, “now why does that bother me?,” “why does her comment sting?,” “why do i immediately react that way?” it’s interesting to really sit back and observe our habitual patterns – shocking actually. i’m reading this great book, the mindful leader: ten principles for bringing out the best in ourselves and others, that continually goes back to the importance of meditation and how centering the practice can be. he talks about how we piddle around avoiding sitting on the cushion. i laughed when i was setting up to sit for a few minutes yesterday and noticed that my ficus was shedding leaves so i began picking them up – only to recall his point about the struggle to “get to the cushion.” he writes that this struggle “starkly reveals our desire to be preoccupied – to have something to do – to keep busy.” hmmmm. sounds TOO familiar! he’s leading an all-day workshop at dc’s shambhala center on saturday and i can’t wait!

today our studio manager and i did some deep cleaning of various hiding places such as cubbies, cabinets, and storage areas as we prepare for our move. we threw out all sorts of odd ends and i somehow feel lighter. next we have the files filled with paperwork to tackle. isn’t it amazing how much we collect over the years? i’d love to get into the habit of only bringing in something new if i get rid of something. for example, when i worked at harold’s in college, one of my co-workers would not purchase a new tee unless she got rid of an old one. as a college student who lived in various tees, i found that blasphemous. now, her words stick with me and i like the philosophy!

did i mention i’m on a book-buying moratorium? it’s been hard. no book purchases for almost 2 weeks! ahhhhhh! i’ve decided i have 60ish% of my books that still need to be read. need to make a dent before i purchase more. i hope i can stick with it as i really do have an addiction. i heart books!!!!

creativity girls, get your readings done! i hope you’re LOVING the books as much as i do! 😉

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