i have arrived!

love notes
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so, i’m sneaking a few moments of space to write as the past 2 days have been insane. yesterday’s drive should have taken 6 hours according to map quest but took 8 long hours due to tons o’ traffic. i got to omega at 10:30pm, set up my tiny but oh-so-cozy room, set my alarm for 7pm (instead of 7am as i meant to), and fell into slumber. woke up at 7:03am despite the AM/PM snafu, went to breakfast and the day began. turns out we start everyday with meditation at 8am and go until 11pm. yep, 11pm!

all during meditation this morning i kept worrying about when i would be able to blog, when i would be able to shower, when i’d be able to check e-mails, when i’d be able to read the 10 books i brought, and when i’d be able to write in my journal. all these things that i’m used to (check e-mails and shower) and was hoping to do (like read and write in my journal) are quite limited.

our exciting sessions have consistently run over, creeping 30 minutes into our meal time. thus, i’m pooped. after a very long drive, a crazy week in prep for this month, and running from one thing to the next, i’m exhausted. i hope to replenish as the information is exciting, the people (110 of ’em) appear to be inspiring (although i tend to keep to myself in new groups), and the location is lovely (woodsy with a creek running near my window).

i’ll be sure to upload some photos shortly as my room is soooo cozy with all my accoutrements and i was lucky enough to get the corner room so i have 2 windows which is a beautiful perk. ok, gotta dash off to the evening’s 3-hour satsang session but wanted to touch base to let you know:

1. i promise to share insights from the month
2. my creativity and online activity is quite limited due to an action-packed schedule
3. i’m honored to be able to connect with each of you (whether we’ve met virtually, in person, or are simply kindred spirits)